Code Jam 2023

Once a year we host a code jam for members of our server to participate in. The code jam is an event where we place you in a team with 5 other random server members. You then have 11 days to code some sort of application or program in Python. Your program must use the specified technology/framework and incorporate the theme chosen by the server.

After the 11 days are complete, your team has 4 days to finish documentation and create a video presentation showcasing and walking through the program that your team has created. More details and specifics of this will be released within the next 2 weeks.

Important Dates

  • Wednesday, August 16 - The Qualifier is released
  • Wednesday, August 23 - The Qualifier closes
  • Wednesday, August 23 - Voting for the theme opens
  • Thursday, August 31 - Code Jam Begins
  • Sunday, September 10 - Coding portion of the jam ends
  • Thursday, September 14 - Code Jam submissions are closed

The Qualifier

The qualifier is a coding challenge that you are required to complete before registering for the code jam. This is meant as a basic assessment of your skills to ensure you have enough Python knowledge to effectively contribute in a team environment. The qualifier will be released on August 16th.


The chosen technology for this year is Image Processing and Manipulation. Each team must make use of the approved frameworks to create an app that strongly incorporates Image Processing and Manipulation.


Prizes for the code jam will be announced in the coming weeks.