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Adafruit is an open-source electronics manufacturer that makes all the components you need to start your own Python-powered hardware projects. Their official community host regular show-and-tells, provide help with your projects, and the Adafruit devs do all the CircuitPython Development right out in the open.

Microcontrollers Community Free Beginner Intermediate
The Algorithms

A git repository of Python implementations of many of the algorithms taught in algorithm and data structure courses, as well as algorithms for neural networks, block chains, and compression. This is a great resource for students wanting to see algorithms implemented in a familiar language.

Algorithms And Data Structures Data Science Security Tutorial Free Beginner Intermediate
Automate the Boring Stuff with Python

One of the best books out there for Python beginners. This book will teach you the basics of Python, while also teaching invaluable automation tools and techniques for solving common problems. You'll learn how to go about scraping the web, manipulating files and automating keyboard and mouse input. Ideal for an office worker who wants to make himself more useful.

General Book Free Paid Beginner
Automate the Boring Stuff with Python Udemy Course

The interactive course version of Al Sweigart's excellent book for beginners, taught by the author himself.

General Course Interactive Paid Beginner

We have listed our favourite communities, but there are many more excellent communities out there! An awesome list collating the best programming related Discord servers is available on GitHub and has all sorts of topics from blockchain to virtual reality!

General Community Free Beginner Intermediate
A Byte of Python

A free book on programming using the Python language. It serves as a tutorial or guide to the Python language for a beginner audience. If all you know about computers is how to save text files, then this is the book for you.

General Book Free Paid Beginner
Code Combat

Learn Python while gaming - an open-source project with thousands of contributors, which teaches you Python through a deep, top-down RPG.

General Algorithms And Data Structures Interactive Free Subscription Beginner Intermediate

Corey has a number of exceptionally high quality tutorial series on everything from Python basics to Django and Flask:

Check out his channel for more video series!

General Software Design Web Development Tooling Video Free Beginner Intermediate
Data Science from Scratch

Data Science from Scratch is a good introduction to data science for the complete beginner, and covers some of the fundamentals of Python programming as well as the basic math, probability and statistics needed to get started. While either edition of this book is useful for those with prior Python experience, complete beginners should use the second edition, which contains more up-to-date code examples and better practices.

Data Science Book Paid Beginner

EduBlocks provides a simple drag and drop interface to help beginners get to grips with the key concepts of Python. There is built-in support for modules such as random, turtle, processing and pygal to play around with, and it even allows you to export the Python code you have written in the graphical editor. EduBlocks also has integration with BBC micro:bit, Raspberry Pi and CircuitPython allowing you to write code for these devices graphically and export the code to run on actual devices.

General Interactive Free Beginner
Effective Python

A book that gives 90 best practices for writing excellent Python. Great for intermediates.

General Software Design Book Paid Intermediate

Level up your programming skills with more than 2600 exercises across 47 programming languages, Python included. The website provides a mentored mode, where you can get your code reviewed for each solution you submit. The mentors will give you insightful advice to make you a better programmer.

General Interactive Free Beginner Intermediate
The Flask Mega-Tutorial

Miguel Grinberg's fully featured mega-tutorial for learning how to create web applications with the Flask framework.

Web Development Tutorial Free Beginner Intermediate
Flask Web Development

A comprehensive Flask walkthrough that has you building a complete social blogging application from scratch.

Web Development Book Paid Beginner Intermediate
Fluent Python

A veritable tome of intermediate and advanced Python information. A must-read for any Python professional. By far the most recommended book for intermediates.

General Software Design Book Paid Intermediate
Getting Started with Kivy

A big list of excellent resources for getting started making Kivy applications.

User Interface Game Development Tutorial Free Beginner
Getting Started with Python for Non-Programmers

A list of beginner resources for programmers with no prior developer experience, from Python's official guide.

General Tutorial Free Beginner
Getting Started with Python for Programmers

A list of beginner resources for programmers coming from other languages, from Python's official guide.

General Tutorial Free Intermediate
Google Colab

Google Colab is a custom version of Jupyter Notebook that runs code in the cloud, allowing you to share your Colab notebooks with other people and work collaboratively. Colab offers a generous amount of memory and computation time for free, and allows you to run programs on GPUs, making it a great deep learning sandbox for beginners.

General Data Science Tool Free Beginner Intermediate
The Hitchhiker's Guide to Python

A best practice handbook for both novice and expert Python developers to the installation, configuration, and usage of Python on a daily basis.

General Book Paid Beginner Intermediate
Inferential Thinking

Inferential Thinking is the textbook for the Foundations of Data Science course at UC Berkley. It introduces you the fundamentals of both Data Science and Python at a level accessible to all. It is available both through your browser and in PDF form.

Data Science Book Free Beginner Intermediate
JetBrains Academy

Learn Python with a wide range of high quality, project-based lessons. Keep track of your progress as you cover all the basic concepts a Python programmer needs to know, as well as touching on more advanced areas such as web development with Django, natural language processing with NLTK, and data science with NumPy, pandas, and scikit-learn! It requires a paid subscription, but a free trial is available.

General Web Development Data Science Interactive Subscription Beginner

A collection of videos made by the PyCharm team at JetBrains on subjects such as TDD, Django, pytest and much more!

Episodes of their "What does this package do?" series go over all sorts of libraries in Python both in the standard library and from the community and give a video explanation of the key concepts.

General Testing Web Development Video Free Beginner Intermediate

JimShapedCoding contains a set of YouTube tutorials covering things from Flask to GUI development in Python:

Check out his channel for more videos!

General User Interface Web Development Video Free Beginner Intermediate
Kaggle Pandas Tutorial

An interactive tutorial for learning Pandas, the most popular library for manipulating tabular data in Python's data science ecosystem. This tutorial assumes some familiarity with writing code in notebooks.

Data Science Tutorial Free Intermediate

The Kivy project, through the Kivy framework and its sister projects, aims to provide all the tools to create desktop and mobile applications in Python. Allowing rapid development of multitouch applications with custom and exciting user interfaces.

User Interface Game Development Community Free Beginner Intermediate

Microsoft Python is a Discord server for discussing all things relating to using Python with Microsoft products, they have channels for Azure, VS Code, IoT, Data Science and much more!

General Tooling Community Free Beginner Intermediate

A trove of tutorials & guides for developers from Microsoft's Developer hub. Follow the links below for a series of high-quality Python tutorials for beginners.

Microsoft's Python Development Team also runs a Discord Server for discussions of Python in the Microsoft ecosystem, including Visual Studio Code and Azure.

General Video Community Free Beginner
Mission Python

Learn programming and Python while building a complete and awesome space-themed game using cutting-edge Python 3.6 and Pygame Zero. Extensive use of code examples, images, and walk-throughs make this a pleasure to both read and follow along. Excellent book for beginners.

General Game Development Book Paid Beginner
MIT: Introduction to Computer Science and Programming

This MITx offering teaches computer science with Python. It covers computational thinking, algorithms, data structures and the Python programming language itself.

General Algorithms And Data Structures Course Free Paid Beginner

An editor aimed at beginners for the purpose of learning how to code without the distractions more advanced editors sometimes cause. Particularly useful for use with microcontrollers, with built-in tools to interact with Adafruit and Arduino boards.

Microcontrollers Tool Free Beginner
Ned Batchelder's Kindling Projects

A repository of project ideas to help one apply what they're learning, maintained by Python community member Ned Batchelder, known on Python Discord as nedbat.

General Project Ideas Free Beginner Intermediate
Neural Networks from Scratch

"Neural Networks From Scratch" is a book intended to teach you how to build neural networks on your own, without any libraries, so you can better understand deep learning and how all of the elements work. This is so you can go out and do new/novel things with deep learning as well as to become more successful with even more basic models. This book is to accompany the usual free tutorial videos and sample code from youtube.com/sentdex.

Data Science Book Paid Intermediate

The Pallets Projects develop Python libraries such as the Flask web framework, the Jinja templating library, and the Click command line toolkit. Join to discuss and get help from the Pallets community.

Web Development Community Free Beginner Intermediate

Panda3D is a Python-focused 3-D framework for rapid development of games, visualizations, and simulations, written in C++ with an emphasis on performance and flexibility.

User Interface Game Development Community Free Beginner Intermediate

People, Postgres, Data specializes in building users of Postgres and related ecosystem including but not limited to technologies such as RDS Postgres, Aurora for Postgres, Google Postgres, PostgreSQL.Org Postgres, Greenplum, Timescale and ZomboDB. They take a holistic approach to their community inviting not only technical topics but Professional Development and Life in general including movies, games, books and travel.

Databases Community Free Beginner Intermediate

The podcast about Python and the people who make it great. Weekly long-form interviews with the creators of notable Python packages.

General Podcast Free Beginner Intermediate
Practical Python Programming

Created and taught by David Beazley, this course is a conversion of his instructor-led Python training course used for corporate training and professional development. It has been in continual development since 2007 and battle tested in real-world classrooms. Usually, it’s taught in-person over the span of three or four days–requiring approximately 25-35 hours of intense work. This includes the completion of approximately 130 hands-on coding exercises.

General Course Free Beginner

The very best Python IDE, with a wealth of advanced features and convenience functions.

General Tool Free Paid Intermediate

Pyglet is a powerful, yet easy to use Python library for developing games and other visually-rich applications on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. It supports windowing, user interface event handling, Joysticks, OpenGL graphics, loading images and videos, and playing sounds and music. All of this with a friendly Pythonic API, that's simple to learn and doesn't get in your way.

User Interface Game Development Community Free Beginner Intermediate
Python Bytes

A byte-sized podcast where Michael Kennedy and Brian Okken work through this week's notable Python headlines.

General Podcast Free Beginner Intermediate
Python Cheat Sheet

A Python 3 cheat sheet with useful information and tips, as well as common pitfalls for beginners. This is a PDF.

General Tutorial Free Beginner
Python Cookbook

A book full of very smart problem-solving recipes for various Python topics, including moving from Python 2 to Python 3.

General Software Design Book Paid Intermediate
Python Crash Course

This fast-paced, thorough introduction to programming with Python will have you writing programs, solving problems, and making things that work in no time. In the first half of the book, you’ll learn basic programming concepts, such as variables, lists, classes, and loops, and practice writing clean code with exercises for each topic. You’ll also learn how to make your programs interactive and test your code safely before adding it to a project. In the second half, you’ll put your new knowledge into practice with three substantial projects: a Space Invaders–inspired arcade game, a set of data visualizations with Python’s handy libraries, and a simple web app you can deploy online.

General Game Development Book Paid Beginner
Python Developer's Guide

This guide is a comprehensive resource for contributing to Python – for both new and experienced contributors. It is maintained by the same community that maintains Python.

General Tutorial Free Intermediate

It's our YouTube channel! We are slowly gathering content here directly related to Python, our community and the events we host. Come check us out!

General Software Design Video Free Beginner Intermediate
Python Graph Gallery

A collection of hundreds of charts made with Python with their associated reproducible code.

Data Science Tutorial Free Beginner Intermediate
Python Morsels

Learn to write more idiomatic Python code with deliberate practice! Sign up for this service and receive one short Python exercise every week. After you attempt to work through the exercise, you'll receive a number of solutions to the exercise with explanations of each one. Each exercise will include automated tests and some may include bonuses for a little more of a challenge!

General Software Design Interactive Video Subscription Intermediate

The official Python tutorial by Python.org

General Tutorial Free Beginner Intermediate

News about the Python programming language, and language-related discussion.

General Community Free Beginner Intermediate
Python Tricks

Full of useful Python tips, tricks and features. Get this if you have a good grasp of the basics and want to take your Python skills to the next level, or are a experienced programmer looking to add to your toolbelt.

General Software Design Book Paid Intermediate
Python Tutor

Write Python code in your web browser, and see it visualized step by step.

General Tool Interactive Free Beginner Intermediate

Dan Bader's treasure trove of quizzes, tutorials and interactive content for learning Python. An absolute goldmine.

General Tutorial Video Community Free Beginner Intermediate
The Real Python Podcast

A weekly Python podcast hosted by Christopher Bailey with interviews, coding tips, and conversation with guests from the Python community. The show covers a wide range of topics including Python programming best practices, career tips, and related software development topics.

General Podcast Free Beginner Intermediate

An online tool for testing regular expressions that helps you understand what the regular expression can match. Remember to set the "flavor" to Python.

General Other Tool Free Beginner Intermediate

A free, collaborative, in-browser IDE to code in 50+ languages — without spending a second on setup.

General Tool Free Beginner Intermediate
Screen Readers - American Foundation for the Blind

Screen readers are software programs that allow blind or visually impaired users to read the text displayed on a computer screen with a speech synthesizer or braille display. There are many different screen reader program options, with this link describing many of them and their capabilities.

Other Tool Free Paid Beginner Intermediate

An enormous amount of Python content for all skill levels from the most popular Python YouTuber on the web.

Check out his channel for more video series!

General User Interface Data Science Video Community Free Beginner Intermediate
A Simple Guide to Git

A simple, no-nonsense guide to the basics of using Git.

Tooling Tutorial Free Beginner

Socratica is a small studio focused on producing high quality STEM-related educational content, including a series about Python. Their videos star actress Ulka Simone Mohanty, who plays an android-like instructor explaining fundamental concepts in a concise and entertaining way.

General Databases Video Free Beginner
Software Design by Example

A tool-based introduction to Software Design with Python. This book teaches design by explaining examples of small versions of familiar tools to show how experienced software designers think. It introduces some fundamental ideas in computer science that many self-taught programmers haven’t encountered.

General Software Design Book Free Paid Intermediate

SoloLearn's Python 3 course serves as a simple and convenient introduction to Python. Containing exercises and quizzes in modules to cover introductory subjects of the language, you can pick it up and put it down between your busier aspects of life thanks to both PC and mobile apps being available to use.

General Interactive Course Free Subscription Beginner

The Scientific Python Development Environment. Simpler and lighter than PyCharm, but still packs a punch.

Data Science Tool Free Beginner Intermediate
Sublime Text

A powerful Python-backed editor with great community support and a wealth of extensions.

General Tool Free Beginner Intermediate
Talk Python To Me

The essential weekly Python podcast. Michael Kennedy and a prominent name within the Python community dive into a topic that relates to their experience.

General Podcast Free Beginner Intermediate
Talon Voice

Talon is a tool being built that aims to bring programming, realtime video gaming, command line, and full desktop computer proficiency to people who have limited or no use of their hands.

Other Tool Free Beginner Intermediate
Test & Code

Brian Okken's weekly podcast on testing. Usually deals with Python, but also covers many language-agnostic topics from the testing and DevOps world.

Testing Tooling Podcast Free Beginner Intermediate
Think Python

Think Python is an introduction to Python programming for beginners. It starts with basic concepts of programming, and is carefully designed to define all terms when they are first used and to develop each new concept in a logical progression. Larger pieces, like recursion and object-oriented programming are divided into a sequence of smaller steps and introduced over the course of several chapters.

General Software Design Book Paid Beginner

A Python IDE specifically aimed at learning programming. Has a lot of helpful features to help you understand your code.

General Tool Free Beginner
Two Scoops of Django

Tips, tricks, and best practices for your Django project. A highly recommended resource for Django web developers.

Web Development Book Paid Intermediate
University of Michigan: Programming for Everybody

A 5-part specialization course that teaches Python from scratch. The course has no pre-requisites and avoids all but the simplest mathematics.

General Course Free Beginner
University of Toronto: Learn to Program

A 2-part course that teaches Python. Primarily intended for high school students and first-year university students who want to learn programming.

General Course Free Beginner Intermediate
vcokltfre's Discord Bot Tutorial

This tutorial, written by vcokltfre, will walk you through all the aspects of creating your own Discord bot, starting from creating the bot user itself.

Discord Bots Tutorial Free Intermediate
Visual Studio Code

A fully-featured editor based on Electron, extendable with plugins.

General Tool Free Beginner Intermediate
WTF Python

Python, being a beautifully designed high-level and interpreter-based programming language, provides us with many features for the programmer's comfort. But sometimes, the outcomes of a Python snippet may not seem obvious at first sight. Here's a fun project attempting to explain what exactly is happening under the hood for some counter-intuitive snippets and lesser-known features in Python.

Software Design Other Tutorial Free Intermediate

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