Our projects on Python Discord are open source and available on Github. If you would like to contribute, consider one of the following projects:

Our community-driven Discord bot.
Difficulty Beginner
The community and moderation Discord bot.
Difficulty Intermediate
The website, subdomains and API.
Difficulty Advanced

If you don't understand anything or need clarification, feel free to ask any staff member with the @PyDis Core Developers role in the server. We're always happy to help!

Useful Resources

Guidelines - General guidelines you should follow when contributing to our projects.
Style Guide - Information regarding the code styles you should follow when working on our projects.
Review Guide - A guide to get you started on doing code reviews.

Contributors Community

We are very happy to have many members in our community that contribute to our open source projects. Whether it's writing code, reviewing pull requests, or contributing graphics for our events, it’s great to see so many people being motivated to help out. As a token of our appreciation, those who have made significant contributions to our projects will receive a special @Contributors role on our server that makes them stand out from other members. That way, they can also serve as guides to others who are looking to start contributing to our open source projects or open source in general.

Guidelines for the @Contributors Role

One question we get a lot is what the requirements for the @Contributors role are. As it’s difficult to precisely quantify contributions, we’ve come up with the following guidelines for the role:

  • The member has made several significant contributions to our projects.
  • The member has a positive influence in our contributors subcommunity.

The role will be assigned at the discretion of the Admin Team in consultation with the Core Developers Team.