Code Jam 2: Mythological API

The theme for this code jam will be mythology. That means you're going to be creating a RESTful API in Flask with a mythology theme.

For example, you might create the The Mimír API, an API used to look up information about norse gods and godesses.

    "name": "Kvasir",
    "parents": "Born from the saliva of the Æsir and the Vanir",
    "type": "A god of wisdom and knowledge"

The API must respond with json data, but this is not limited to text. It could respond with bytedata, with a URL to an image, a video or some audio, or with any other form of data you deem interesting.

The API should accept at least a GET or a POST request with JSON data. You are allowed to use any third party libraries you want.

Remember, creativity counts. Try to have fun with it. We're not necessarily looking for dead serious solutions only, and it's okay if your solution is only tangentially related to the theme, so long as there's a relationship of some sort.


The winner of the second code jam is Defiant Sails, with Momo, WrongEnd, and SharpBit! Congratulations!

They've written a phenomenal API with OAuth authentication, a multiplayer RPG, and a feature to procedurally generate a random mythologically themed story. This story can be played as a video, where they use Text-To-Speech to read the story out loud while epic music plays in the background. The music is different for each play, and the audio is visualized in a video.

The team will receive the grand prize of 12-month PyCharm Pro licenses, and will also receive the honorary Code Jam Champions role.

In second place with another really excellent submission, we have the team Rude Interests, consisting of Lord Bisk, Runew0lf and Nix. They've got procedurally generated rune images, procedural mythologies with gods with procedural relationships, descriptions, genders, and names. A super fun idea which nearly ended up taking the first place.

In third place, we have Overconfident Ideas, with Martmists, Casterly and eivl. They did relationship trees with a number of different visualization options, a fantastic myth lookup feature to find a great deal of details about a mythological figure, a mythology trivia feature, and a markov chain string generator. It also had a very comprehensive framework and it was clear that a great deal of work had gone into it.