Code Jam 3: Games!

The theme for code jam 3 was creating a game with the theme the world ends in 10 minutes. The teams of three could live out their creativity here - any form of game was fine, as long as they fit the theme. The jam started at Monday, the 22nd October 2018, 12:00 PM UTC.

Task Description

The original task description was as follows:

This task is a little more freeform than the other code jams we've had so far - we're happy to accept games in any form, as long as they fit that theme. You may use PyGame, Kivy, Curses/Unicurses, Pyxel, web frameworks like Flask, or anything else your team desires. Please provide instructions on how to set up and run your game within the README where necessary. Remember that teamwork is paramount - You will need to work together. For this jam, we've assigned a leader for each team based on their responses to the application form. Remember to listen to your leader, and communicate with the rest of your team!


The winning team for this jam was Certain Horses, consisting of Wattle, Scragly, and Mark. They made a 2D platformer where the player had to collect lemons in order to earn points. Below the player was an ocean of lemon juice that caused instant death if you touched it.

Every time you collected a lemon, the lemon juice water level would raise up, so you had to be tactical about which lemons you could collect without dying and which of the branching paths you'd have to select to avoid the sea of lemon juice rushing up to meet you.

You can play the game by yourself here:

Runner up 1: Successful Toads

The first runner up for this jam was team Successful Toads, whose code can be found at They wrote a flask app game which was about deciding who to let into the last nuclear bunker on the planet. Like Tinder, but for nuclear holocaust gatekeepers. The game had procedurally generated graphics which were absolutely hilarious, and you would swipe right or left to decide whether or not to let someone into your bunker. Each person had certain traits which could either save or destroy your bunker.

In order to win, you had to balance stuff like medical expertise with combat experience and make sure that your bunker would survive into the post-apocalypse.

Runner up 2: Misty Hats

The second runner up for this jam was team Misty Hats, with code available at They made an excellent shoot-em-up in the style of Gradius, with a long intro cinematic, lots of original graphics assets, and a whole bunch of different power-ups. Other features included:

  • Fighter enemy: A tiny spaceship that will follow you and try to take you down.

  • Pythonic mines: Space mines shaped like Python logos that damage you if you touch them.

  • Defensive Structures: Semi-Stationary defensive structures that will shoot you on sight

  • 8 different power-ups: Extra damage, armor, hp, shield, double shot.. and more!

  • Timers: A ten minute timer and small timers for temporary power ups.

  • Different size/color blaster projectiles

  • Wave system