Winter Code Jam 2020: Ancient Technology

The theme for the Winter Code Jam 2020, the sixth Python Discord Code Jam, was utilizing the Kivy Framework to create Ancient Technology. The jam lasted for 9 days from January 17, 2020 to January 26, 2020 with 16 teams competing against each other.

Task Description

The original task description, as found in the repository, was as follows:

By popular choice, the theme for this code jam is Ancient Technology.

What you do with this theme or how you interpret it is up to you, but it will be your task to come up with something fun using this theme.

Judging Stream

If you want to watch the original code jam judging stream, you can find it on YouTube - all of the submissions are showcased in the stream. The winning project is showcased at the 03:48:30 timestamp.


The winning team for this code jam was team Tactless Tricksters, consisting of GoBig87, Kan, sposker, DomicidalManiac, and Inventor. They created an incredible morse code chatting app, with a plethora of different features. Morse code training, morse code audio encoding/decoding, audio input sensitivity calibration, and a morse code messaging system are all features of this project. The beautiful and intuitive UI paired with all these features was what won them this jam. With the given amount of time during this jam, this was quite the impressive project.

You can check out their entry in the repository and watch us doing so in the livestream. The top 3 winning teams' projects are also displayed on the Kivy Gallery.

Runner up 1: Circumstancial Champions

The Circumstantial Champions (salt-die, david987, & Music) created a game in which players go back in time to smash and carve out rocks, just like cavemen. The combination of their execellent graphical interface, animations, and satisfying sounds made this one of the most polished projects in the jam.

Check out their submission in the code jam repository and view it live on the livestream.

Runner up 2: Inquisitive Investigators

Team Inquisitive Investigators (f1re & Monika) ended up in third place with their retro TUI file explorer. The simple, easy-to-use file explorer along with their built-in terminal, text editor, and photo viewer made this a very feature packed project.

Feel free to view their submission on the repository and watch us review it on the livestream.

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