Summer Code Jam 2020: Early Internet

For Python Discord's 7th biannual code jam, contestants utilized the Django framework to create a web application. The theme for this event was Early Internet, lasting from July 31st to August 9th. This was our largest event ever, with over 50 teams competing for prizes from our prize pool along with the illustrious role of Code Jam Champions on our server.

Task Description

The original task description, as found in the repository, was as follows:

The theme for this code jam is Early Internet.

What you do with this theme or how you interpret it is up to you, but it will be your task to come up with something fun using this theme.

The chosen technology for this game jam is Django.

Django is a high-level Python Web framework that encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic design. It comes "batteries included" with a slew of incredibly polished features, including database migrations, an excellent CRM, access control, security features to prevent you from making expensive mistakes, and probably the best documentation on the internet.

Judging Stream

If you want to watch the original code jam judging stream, you can find it on YouTube - all of the submissions are showcased in the stream. The winning project is showcased at the 01:47:23 timestamp.


The winning team for this code jam was the Juicy Jaguars, consisting of charlotte, joshuqa, and dang. They created an incredible Windows 95 web application, named Web95. It included a plethora of features, such as movable windows, a start menu, a recreation of Internet Explorer, different themes & wallpapers, and a couple of fun easter eggs. The killer feature of this project was Internet Explorer. It processed the fonts, images, and colors of each webpage visited to make the experience feel as if it were from the 90s! This was an incredibly novel idea, which was executed beautifully.

Check out their submission in our repository and watch us review it on the livestream!

Runner up 1: Annoyed Alligators

The Annoyed Alligators (i..kun, gkrou, SurvivingOnNaps, corner, and pykam) created a social media platform which is controllable by a command line interface, named SoCommandLine Media (SoCL). Users can signup to create posts and view what others have posted already, all via the command line. It evens supports direct messaging other users and getting the latest news articles for you to read!

Have a look at their submission in our repository and view it on the livestream!

Runner up 2: Mysterious Mice

The Mysterious Mice (rryyaann, onatoko, n0remac, and venturafranklin) created a social media site for NASA's rovers, named SpaceBook. It included profiles and photos of each rover, showed what the weather was like on Mars, and even had a text-based adventure game in a terminal! The beautiful, retro UI along with the animated space background made it a pleasure to use.

Feel free to check out their submission in our repository and watch us use it on the livestream!

Summer Code Jam 2020