Summer Code Jam 2022

Below is the list of approved frameworks that you can use for the code jam. Please work with your team to choose a library that everyone can and want to develop with. If there is a library not listed below that you think should be here, you're welcome to discuss it with the Events Team over at the server.

Most of the below frameworks implement what is called the ASGI Specification. This specification documents how the frameworks should interact with ASGI servers. You are also allowed to work with the ASGI specification directly without a framework, if your team so chooses to. Refer to the specification online.

Approved Frameworks


FastAPI is a modern web framework great for WebSockets based on standard Python type hints which provides great editor support.


Starlette is a lightweight ASGI framework/toolkit, which is ideal for building async web services in Python.


websockets is a library for building both WebSocket clients and servers with focus on simplicity and performance.


aiohttp provides both a client and server WebSocket implementation, while avoiding callback-hell.

Django Channels

Django Channels adds WebSocket-support to Django - built on ASGI like other web frameworks.


Starlite is a light and flexible ASGI API framework, using Starlette and Pydantic as foundations.


Sanic is an ASGI compliant web framework designed for speed and simplicity.


wsproto is a pure-Python WebSocket protocol stack written to be as flexible as possible by having the user build the bridge to the I/O.