How to use git

We require all participants to use Git for source control. This means that you will need to learn a bit of Git to participate in the code jam, if you're not already familiar with it. Git is incredibly useful, and an essential skill to master if you ever want to write code out there in the real world. If you don't yet have Git installed...

  • Windows: Install git using Git for Windows - you can leave all of the options at their defaults, if you wish
  • Mac: Install git using Homebrew
  • Linux: Install git using your Linux distro's package manager

In order to make the learning process easier, we've included some Git learning resources below...

  • Roger Dudler has an excellent crash course that will show you the most important commands. This can be used as a cheat sheet once you're starting to actually use Git.
  • If you'd like a wordier introduction, Prithaj Nath (who participated in our first code jam) wrote a more in-depth guide called Let's Git Started! for that might be worth a read.
  • The ever-excellent Corey Schafer has a 30-minute YouTube tutorial called Git Tutorial for Beginners which should teach you everything you need to know to participate in our jams.

Optionally, certain IDEs and editors will be able to handle Git for you, and tools like GitKraken are also permitted. Make sure you familiarize yourself with the client of your choice before the code jam starts so you don't need to spend time learning this while the clock is running.

For more information on GUI clients you can use, please see this page.