Game Jam 2020: Three of a Kind

During the first ever Python Discord Game Jam, 23 teams signed up to create a game using the Python Arcade Library. Each team consisted of 1-3 people and teammates were chosen by the participants themselves, unlike in our Code Jams. The Game Jam ran from April 17, 12:00 UTC to April 26, 18:00 UTC.

Task Description

The theme for this game jam is Three-of-a-kind.

What you do with this theme or how you interpret it is up to you, but it will be your task to come up with something fun using this theme.

Judging Stream and Interview

The original Game Jam live stream is shown below, where the top ten submissions were reviewed and showcased. There was also an interview with Paul Craven, the creator of the Python Arcade Library, where he answered many questions about his origin/backstory, the development of the Arcade library, and general programming.

You can also see the top ten submissions shown here on the Arcade website and all submissions were submitted here to the repository.


The winning team for our first ever Game Jam was team Score AAA, consisting of one person, EmberDuck. He created a very polished game, focusing in on one core idea and just nailing it perfectly. This is a game where the player controls 3 different characters which need to jump over obstacles. The concept itself may seem simple, but EmberDuck kept iterating on the idea, making it better and better, taking it to the point of perfection. The graphics were phenomenal, the UI was beautiful and intuitive, and the animations were just fantastic. The parallax effect in the background was mesmerizing, which was an element that was unique and different from other submissions. Taking this project to another level, all art assets for this submission were made by EmberDuck himself. This was an incredible project, especially for a one-man-team. Congratulations EmberDuck!

Check out their submission here and watch it being played live here!

Runner Up 1: Gamer Gang

The Gamer Gang (SansPapyrus683, Blue Bird, & SimplyNarwell) created a platformer game where the player controls 3 different slimes to get through 6 different levels. The slimes can either move together in a stack, or the player can split them apart to control each of them one by one. The physics in this game was a nice addition and tied the game together nicely. The graphics in this game were quite beautiful and the UI complemented it well. This game scored quite high on many factors, and was a very fun game overall. Excellent job!

Feel free to look at their submission here and watch it being played on stream here!

Runner Up 2: Monkeys and Frogs on Fire

Team Monkeys and Frogs on Fire (BrainDead, F4zi, & f1re) created a dungeon-crawler type of game where the player can switch between 3 different wizards, each having their own special abilities. The red wizard has great strength, while the green wizard has a lot of defense and the blue wizard is quick and fast. A unique and exceptional feature of this game was the backend server which allowed a player to register/login. The goal of this game was to survive as long as you can to get the highest score, which is then uploaded to the server and can be seen on the leaderboard. This game had a crisp and smooth UI along with nice graphics and fantastic animations, bringing this game together. Phenomenol work!

Have a look at this submission here and watch this game played live on stream here!