Project Setup

The first step is to fork our repository: python-discord/game-jam-2020. You can learn how to do this in our contributing guidelines.

Alternatively, GitHub has a detailed suite of tutorials explaining forking as well as other technical terms that you may come across. If you get stuck at any point, you are always welcome to ask for help at Python Discord.

Once the fork is created, each team will make a directory for their project. The directory should be named after the team. For example, team Precise Rabbits will set up a directory as follows:

    └── precise-rabbits/
        └── game/
        ├── config.json
        ├── Pipfile
        ├── Pipfile.lock

Do not make any changes to other teams' project directories.

Each team will then develop their game within their fork. You are encouraged to use git to its full potential - feature branches will help you keep your commit history clean, and prevent annoying conflicts. Feel free to refer to our guidelines on the topic, or any other resources that you may find useful. Version control is an important aspect of software development, and code jams are a great opportunity to improve skills in the area.

Once the project is finished, a pull request will be opened against the upstream repository. All of your projects will be merged to the upstream repository, which means that you will be credited as a contributor to an open source project. The final version must be committed by the jam's deadline. Any changes beyond this point will not be considered in the judging process.

Please ensure that your final version is well tested, and satisfies our technical requirements.