Discord Embed Limits

If you plan on using embed responses for your bot you should know the limits of the embeds on Discord or you will get Invalid Form Body errors:

  • Embed title is limited to 256 characters
  • Embed description is limited to 4096 characters
  • An embed can contain a maximum of 25 fields
  • A field name/title is limited to 256 character and the value of the field is limited to 1024 characters
  • Embed footer is limited to 2048 characters
  • Embed author name is limited to 256 characters
  • The total of characters allowed in an embed is 6000

Now if you need to get over this limit (for example for a help command), you would need to use pagination. There are several ways to do that:

  • A library called disputils
  • An experimental library made by the discord.py developer called discord-ext-menus
  • Make your own setup using wait_for() and wait for a reaction to be added