Mutability and Immutability in Python

Mutable and immutable data types: what they are and how they work.

Setting Different Statuses on Your Bot

How to personalize your Discord bot status

VPS and Free Hosting Service for Discord bots

This article lists recommended VPS services and covers the disasdvantages of utilising a free hosting service to run a discord bot.

How to host a bot with Docker and GitHub Actions on Ubuntu VPS

This guide shows how to host a bot with Docker and GitHub Actions on Ubuntu VPS

Keeping Discord Bot Tokens Safe

How to keep your bot tokens safe and safety measures you can take.

Why JSON is unsuitable as a database

The many reasons why you shouldn't use JSON as a database, and instead opt for SQL.

Subclassing Bot

Subclassing the `Bot` class to add more functionality and customizability.

Discord Messages with Colors

A guide on how to add colors to your codeblocks on Discord

Subclassing Context in

Subclassing the default `commands.Context` class to add more functionability and customizability. 2.0 changes

Changes and new features in version 2.0 of

Fixing an SSL Certificate Verification Error

A guide on fixing verification of an SSL certificate.

Function Parameters and Arguments in Python

An in-depth look at function parameters and arguments, and how to use them.

Custom Help Command

Overwrite's help command to implement custom functionality

Proper error handling in

Are you not getting any errors? This might be why! Learning Guide

A learning guide for the bot framework written by members of our community.

Discord Embed Limits

A guide that shows the limits of embeds in Discord and how to avoid them.