Keeping Discord Bot Tokens Safe

It's very important to keep a bot token safe, primarily because anyone who has the bot token can do whatever they want with the bot -- such as destroying servers your bot has been added to and getting your bot banned from the API.

How to Avoid Leaking your Token

To help prevent leaking your token, you should ensure that you don't upload it to an open source program/website, such as replit and github, as they show your code publicly. The best practice for storing tokens is generally utilising .env files (click here for more information on storing tokens safely).

What should I do if my token does get leaked?

If for whatever reason your token gets leaked, you should immediately follow these steps: - Go to the list of Discord Bot Applications you have and select the bot application that had the token leaked. - Select the Bot (1) tab on the left-hand side, next to a small image of a puzzle piece. After doing so you should see a small section named TOKEN (under your bot USERNAME and next to his avatar image) - Press the Regenerate button to regenerate your bot token and invalidate the old one.

Steps to Take to Reset your Discord Bot

Following these steps will create a new token for your bot, making it secure again and terminating any connections from the leaked token. The old token will stop working though, so make sure to replace the old token with the new one in your code if you haven't already.


Make sure you keep your token secure by storing it safely, not sending it to anyone you don't trust, and regenerating your token if it does get leaked.