Summer Code Jam 2021

Twice a year we host a code jam for members of our server to participate in. The code jam is an event where we place you in a team with 5 other random server members. You then have 8 days to code some sort of application or program in Python. Your program must use the specified technology/framework and incorporate the theme chosen by the server.

After the 8 days is complete, your team has 3 days to finish documentation and create a video presentation showcasing and walking through the program that your team has created.

Code Jam Winners

Congratulations to our winners and the two runner ups! Check out their projects below.

Perceptive Porcupines: WTPython!?

VV, Poppinawhile, ethansocal, Jeff Z, Cohan, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

What the Python (wtpython) is a simple terminal user interface that allows you to explore relevant answers on Stackoverflow without leaving your terminal or IDE. When you get an error, all you have to do is swap python for wtpython. When your code hits an error, you'll see a textual interface for exploring relevant answers allowing you to stay focused and ship faster!

Demo video
GitHub Repository

Lovable Lobsters: Ultimate Tic Tac Toe

A5Rocks, Bast, Dacheat, mega_hirtz, CopOnTheRun, richphi

Thinking inside a box, that is inside a box, that is inside yet another box. The terminal program created by the Lovable Lobsters allows you to play Ultimate Tic Tac Toe right form your terminal. The really impressive part though? You can play with your friends and family over your network! Their program has a server-client set-up that lets you play with your friends and family from different computers.

Demo video
GitHub Repository

Robust Reindeer: Rubik's Cube

Björn, aaronshenhao, mathsman, Dude Saber, 詭異, Keppo

This submission is a Rubik's cube, rendered in a text user interface (that was a constraint) using the asciimatics package, and addressing the theme "thinking inside the box". Just like a real world Rubik's cube, you can move this cube around to look at it from all sides. And, of course, you can rotate the individual discs it is made up of to first scramble up the order and then to try and solve it into perfect ordering again.

GitHub Repository


63 teams started out on July 9th 2021. By the end of the jam, 51 teams made project submissions. Check them all out here:

Important Dates

  • Tuesday, June 15 - Form to submit theme suggestions opens
  • Monday, June 21 - The Qualifier is released
  • Friday, June 25 - Voting for the theme opens
  • Saturday, June 26 @ 4PM UTC- GitHub Bootcamp
  • Wednesday, July 1 - The Qualifier closes
  • Friday, July 9 @ 5PM UTC - Code Jam begins and the theme is announced
  • Saturday, July 17 @ 5PM UTC - Coding portion of the jam ends
  • Tuesday, July 20 - Code Jam submissions are closed and video presentation must be submitted


The chosen technology/tech stack for this year is Text User Interfaces (TUIs). Each team must create a program with one of the approved frameworks that creates a user interface that is text based. For more information of TUIs and what's involved with such an interface, check out this wikipedia article.

The Qualifier

The qualifier is a coding challenge that you are required to complete before registering for the code jam. This is meant as a basic assessment of your skills to ensure you have enough python knowledge to effectively contribute in a team environment.

View the Qualifier

Please note the requirements for the qualifier.

  • The qualifier must be completed using Python 3.9
  • No external modules are allowed, only those available through the standard library.
  • The Qualifier must be submitted through the Code Jam sign-up form.


Our Code Jam Sponsors have provided prizes for the winners of the code jam. Also, a big thank you to our Patreon patrons for supporting this server and allowing us to provide our prizes as well.

Digital Ocean

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$250 in DigitalOcean credits to the members of a winning team.


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1-year JetBrain licenses to the members of a winning team.


Tabnine is an AI-powered code completion tool used by millions of devs around the world every day - Tabnine supports dozens of programming languages, in all of your favorite IDEs, saving you tons of time - so that you can type less and code more. Tabnine comes as a plugin and has a free-forever basic plan, so you can get started with it right away!

1-year Pro Licenses to Tabnine to the members of a winning team.