Summer Code Jam 2021

Below is a list of all projects submitted by the end of Summer Code Jam 2021

Acute Alligators

Adaptable Antelopes

Astounding Arapaimas

Beatific Bulldogs

Benevolent Bonobos

Blessed Badgers

Bright Bluefins

Businesslike Buffalo

Canny Capybaras

Cheerful Cheetahs

Classic Clownfish

Considerate Coatis

Dedicated Dugongs

Discrete Dingos

Enlightened Elks

Esteemed Emus

Favorable Fishers

Feisty Ferrets

Gallant Grasshoppers

Grand Geckos

Hospitable Hares

Humorous Honeybees

Jaunty Jackals

Jazzed Jerboas

Jubilant Jellyfish

Lovable Lobsters

Magical Muskrats

Mature Magpies

Merciful Millipedes

Meteoric Minks

Modern Meerkats

Notable Newts

Notorious Narwhals

Patient Panthers

Perceptive Porcupines

Poetic Pumas

Purposeful Pangolins

Quirky Quokkas

Respectful Racoons

Rhapsodic Rabbits

Robust Reindeer

Scholarly Skunks

Secretive Squirrels

Sleek Snails

Spellbinding Squids

Stylish Salamanders

Tactful Tunas

Transcendent Tarsiers

Tubular Terriers

Virtuous Vultures

Whimsical Woolly Mammoths