Summer Code Jam 2021

This year we'll be running a GitHub Bootcamp on Saturday, June 26th at 4PM UTC. This bootcamp is intended to be an interactive workshop session where we help participants get setup with git and using it in a team environment. If you are new to git or would like to brush up on it, then this is the perfect event for you.

The instructional parts of this bootcamp will be recorded. We'll also be providing a cheatsheet / reference guide to all attendees that will be made available here for download.

Session 1: Setting up Git

This first session will run for an hour starting at 4PM UTC. It will be focused on installing and setting up git for the first time. We'll have helpers available to help you set up git and integrated with your editor of choice. Whether it's PyCharm, VSCode, or vim, we can help you get rolling with version control.

Session 2: Using git and github in a team environment

This session will run for an hour starting at 5PM UTC. It will be focused on using git and GitHub in a team environment. You'll be put in a group with other attendees and use the common git commands for working in a repo. You'll learn how to set-up a GitHub repository with other contributors, how to make branches, make commits, pull down changes, and then make pull requests. We'll also be going over different strategies for creating branches and best practices for commits and pull requests.